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Fish Reports Directly From Skippers
  Updated March 29, 2010 - from Captain Tom Mattusch of the Huli Cat


Rockcod opens May 1, below Pigeon Point. You can fish out to 40 fathoms (240 feet) this year. It doesn't open above Pigeon Point until June 13, where the maximum depth will be 30 fathoms (180 feet). Remember, at the Farallon Islands fishing is closed from 0 to 60 feet, open from 60 to 180 feet and closed deeper than 180 feet.


Stay tuned for the Deep Water Rockcod trips that will be starting soon. Fishing will take place from 950 to 2,500 feet for chilipepper, thorny head and black gill. Get your 40 or 50 pound test Spectra ready with at least 2500 feet of line. Use your favorite 2 speed reel and a stout pole to enjoy this first time ever fishery! 2 hooks maimum, for the Exempted Fishery Permit (EFP).


Salmon fishing opens April 3, 2010. There are no restrictions on areas to fish, no split openers. Two fish, minimum 20 inches in length, no coho (silvers).


Tuna fishing does not usually start until about mid-July. we will update you on that when the season arrives! Expect to see trips starting in August. In 2009, the best bite was out 60 to 80 miles. Hope for a current shift and lots fish for this year!


The Dungeness crab season will open in early November for Recreational fishing. Humboldt Squid The squid left the area in March of 2010. In 2009 the squid appeared again in July, so trips should start running in August. Be sure to watch the Discovery TV Quest series to see squid caught on the Huli Cat.


The MPA's will go into effect for the North Central Coast Area April 1, 2010, although a review by the Office of Administrative law may delay that until April 13. There is a closed area around Ano Nuevo and Moss Beach/Montara to pay attention to. Stayed informed with the DFG website.